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From hills to rivers and lakes, from mountains to trails that have been walked for millennia, the landscape surrounding Bologna is rich in adventure and accessible for all. It is precisely here that, along trails in the mountains and hills, on bicycle paths or in wild natural parks, truly everyone can fin comfort, relaxation and good food.

Discover the accessible itineraries and chose the one that’s right for you

Apennines for All

The goal of this project is to map all the places and spaces in the Apennines that can truly be enjoyed by everyone. It is promoted by the Bologna Apennines LAG  (local action group) in collaboration with the Fondazione per lo Sport Silvia Parente (Silvia Parente Sport Foundation). From food and wine to hospitality, from cultural cites to places to practice your favourite sport, discover accessible destinations on



An Accessible City

A tourist destination where everyone is welcome. Discover accessible routes and parts of the city thanks to itineraries that touch upon culture, hospitality and good food.
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