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Bologna and its territory have been affected in recent days by heavy rainfall, which has generated difficulties and closures of various kinds.
Numerous areas of the territory have already returned to full serviceability. In others, the institutions are working to restore full accessibility.

This page, recurrently updated, offers basic information to orientate oneself with respect to the various areas and attractions in the territory, starting with paths and cycle routes. Tourists and citizens are asked to observe the utmost caution and to consult the official sites of the municipalities, and those of the routes, before travelling. These indications are especially relevant in case of bad weather. For more information regarding the Metropolitan City of Bologna, please consult the official website.

Below are the details regarding paths and cycle routes:


The main paths in the territory of Bologna are being completely restored. In some circumscribed sections, variants to the main itineraries remain active. The invitation for those who intend to undertake a trek is in any case to consult the institutional and official sites of the routes before setting out. Below is the list:


Regarding the Ciclovie:

Ciclovia del Sole is entirely practicable along the entire section from Osteria Nuova (Bologna) to Mirandola.

Ciclovia del Navile is entirely practicable.

Ciclovia del Santerno is not currently practicable following the weather events of recent days.

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