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Castel Guelfo is a medieval village located in the Bolognese plain a few kilometres from Imola. It was built at the wishes of the city of Bologna, when the area was fought over by the Bologna Guelphs and Imola Ghibellines.

The town is characterized by the eighteenth-century square in the shape of a triangle, commonly called “Il Borgo”, from which you can access the village still with a late medieval imprint enclosed by walls and towers.
Walking through the main streets you can admire numerous historic buildings, including the Palazzo Malvezzi-Hercolani (Malvezzi-Hercolani Palace), a historic building built by Virgilio Malvezzi in 1448. Today it is the seat of the Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall). The inner courtyard with two rows of porches is charming. Another historic building is the Cassero once the only gateway to the castle and defensive tower.

A few kilometres from the historic centre, is Castel Guelfo The Style Outlets , a famous shopping centre with 110 shops, easily accessible from the Adriatic Motorway, where shopping, relaxation and fun merge.

For lovers of outdoor activities, in Castel Guelfo the Ciclopedonali dei Tigli (Tigli cycle/pedestrian path) starts from the historic centre and allows you to take long walks along the river banks and cultivated fields.

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