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Bologna is a much greener place than one might at first imagine or perceive.
The Diverdeinverde event is held every year in May and allows visitors to discover just the green side of the city. It is a unique opportunity to stroll through some of the most beautiful secret gardens in the historic centre, enjoying unexpected and wonderful colours, scents and views and getting to know Bologna from a different perspective.
The ninth edition of the event will be combined with a preview of the initiatives to celebrate the Portici of Bologna, which will become a World Heritage Site in 2021. For this reason, this year’s programme will focus on some thirty gardens located almost exclusively in the historic centre, especially those directly overlooking or near UNESCO-protected portico stretches. The 2023 edition therefore takes on even more of a national and international connotation, as well as a city one, with the ambition of wanting to increasingly involve tourists visiting Bologna and its unmistakable porticos, who will be given the opportunity to discover the city’s authentic green jewels. Many of the spaces have already been opened in the past, but a couple of new ones are being added, offering themselves in all their charm.

To access the gardens, you must have the Diverdeinverde card. A nominal card that allows you to see, even several times, the gardens open during the two days of the event.
Admission to the gardens can be freely programmed by visitors, taking into account the opening times, days and visiting areas.

Only one garden, in addition to the guided tours, requires a reservation.
The best way to get from one garden to the next is to wander around on foot, thus discovering new glimpses of the city.

To accompany the visit to the gardens, there is also a series of initiatives (conferences and walks) that will allow complete immersion in the green wealth that Bologna has to offer.

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