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Bologna is a much greener place than one might imagine or realise at first sight.

Diverdeinverde is the event held in May each year that allows you to discover the hidden green side of the city. A unique opportunity to take a stroll in some of the most beautiful hidden gardens of the historic centre and the surrounding area, allowing you to enjoy unexpected and wonderful colours, scents and views.

Over fifty private gardens are opened to the public every year. The various editions of the event propose new and as yet unseen gardens, with the aim of offering a programme full of distinctive green spaces: from the gardens that adorn the Bolognese buildings in the historic centre to areas designed by well-known landscape architects and the aristocratic parks located in the surrounding hills. Each place is characterised by an intimate atmosphere.

You must have a Diverdeinverde card in order to access the gardens. This is a personal card that allows you to visit the gardens during the three days of the event, even several times if you wish.
Visitors are free to schedule their visits to the gardens, taking into account the opening times, days and visiting area.
In some parks and gardens, due to their size and particularity, staff are on hand to provide guided tours.

The best way to go from one garden to another is to walk, so that you can discover new views of the city. Bus and shuttle services are available from the historic centre to allow you to get to the gardens that are further away.

In addition to the gardens, visitors can also enjoy themed events such as exhibitions, meetings, concerts and floral workshops that enhance the experience of the three day event.

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