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In the wilderness of the Bologna Apennines, on the lakes in the valley known as Val di Setta, is a land that embraces nature and peacefulness.

Lagolandia is a project that offers citizens and visitors the chance to rediscover nature through a reinterpretation of the landscape and local traditions that’s contemporary, authentic and honest. The Lagolandia calendar is full of rich weekend programming that helps visitors discover interesting aspects of the area nestled in the Apennines throughout the entire year.

Taking place at different lakes in the Bologna Apennines, the stars of these weekend gatherings are always ‘cultural trails’ enriched by activities for children and adults, meetings, workshops, live music and theatrical performances. During the events, attendees can hike and observe the landscape as it changes month after month, season after season. It’s a great chance to leave behind the chaos of frenetic city life and spend a day surrounded by nature, enjoying the fresh air.

Lagolandia: a bit of history

The Lagolandia project began in 2014 thanks to an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Camugnano and the BolognAppennino Local Action Group (LAG). Today the event covers five municipalities (Camugnano, Castiglione dei Pepoli, Castel di Casio, San Benedetto Val di Sambro, Monzuno) and five lakes (Brasimone, Suviana, Santa Maria, Castel dell’Alpi, Rioveggio) belonging to the Unione Appenino Bolognese (Bologna Apennine Union).

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