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02 February 2023

from 02/02/2023 to 02/02/2023

San Giovanni in Persiceto Carnival press conference

The 149th edition of the San Giovanni in Persiceto Carnival, an incredible open-air spectacle not to be missed, will be presented. The historic Carnival of Persiceto is one of the nine carnivals in the network created to support the candidature of the 'Historic Carnivals of Papier MΓ’chΓ© Floats' element as a Unesco intangible cultural heritage.

04 February 2023

from 04/02/2023 to 12/02/2023

Photographic exhibition Il Navile

Saturday 4 February at 4: 00pm, Mauro Tolomelli presents his book 'π™Žπ™©π™€π™§π™žπ™š π™£π™šπ™‘π™‘π™– π™Žπ™©π™€π™§π™žπ™– - π™‡π™š π™–π™˜π™¦π™ͺπ™š π™™π™ž π˜½π™€π™‘π™€π™œπ™£π™–', which traces the origins of the π™˜π™–π™£π™–π™‘π™š π™‰π™–π™«π™žπ™‘π™š, an admirable work that gave Bologna the possibility to develop and become the city it is today.
This was followed by the inauguration of photographic exhibition 𝙄𝙑 π™‰π™–π™«π™žπ™‘π™š, curated by the "Gruppo Fotografico Bentivoglio e dintorni" with the contribution of Fausto Malpensa and the Museo della CiviltΓ  Contadina di S. Marino di Bentivoglio. The historical path of the exhibition follows the Navile from Bologna to Malalbergo through locks, supports and mills from the late 19th century to the 1970s in about 60 period photographs.
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