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A four-day hike that’s fully accessible for people with visual impairments, but open and welcoming of all, to cross the Bologna Apennines with multiple senses, in one of the most biodivese, history-rich sections.

Girobussola and Viaggi e Miraggi work together to promote sustainable tourism through a responsible, accessible itinerary to discover the wonderful heritage that awaits in the Bologna Apennines: “Memory, nature and art with our eyes closed: from Marzabotto to Grizzana Morandi through the trails of the Apennines“. The mission is to create a trail that’s accessible for people with visual impairments in the area between the municipalities of Marzabotto and Grizzana Morandi, for a total of 40 km divided into four sections. This has resulted in an accessible package designed for all, including blind and visually impaired people.

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map Stages

  • 1

    Marzabotto-Monte Sole

    • Lenght : 7 km
    • Difference in level: +431 m, -177 m
  • 2

    Monte Sole-Grizzana Morandi-Riola

    • Lenght : 9,8 km
    • Difference in level: +406 m, -278 m
  • 3

    Riola-Borgo La Scola-Riola

    • Lenght : 15 km
  • 4

    Riola (Chiesa Santa Maria Assunta-Rocchetta Mattei)

    • Lenght : 3 km a/r
    • Difference in level: +60 m, -10 m

bar_chart Technical Info

  • Km: 40
  • Stages: 4
  • Regions: 1

The journey was created to be fully enjoyed by people who are blind or who have visual impairments. The planning was assisted by an environmental and hiking guide with detailed knowledge of the places on the route, who will accompany and lead all participants on this journey with multisensory explorations and activities. Visually impaired and blind travellers can participate independently, having the support of the guide, the helper from La Girobussola and the other participants.

The outing is suitable for people who arephysically fit and who are used to walking and hiking, including uphill stretches. Each day will include a 5-6hour trek: please bring a rucksack to carry on your back for the journey.

During the excursion, there will be assistance provided by contacts from ViaggieMiraggi who have worked in cultural accessibility for people with visual impairment and environmental guides from Appennino Geopark.

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