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All-In is an off-road trail in the mountain bike circuit of the Bologna Apennines that can also travelled by handcycles, tandem bikes and mountain bikes, making it accessible to people with disabilities.
The project was developed by BOM.BA (Bologna Montana Bike Area) in collaboration with Fondazione per lo Sport Silvia Parente (Silvia Parente Sport Foundation). Its mission is to ensure that some of the trails in the area can be enjoyed by people with disabilities, physical or otherwise.
The trail starts from the centre of Loiano and continues along a 23 km loop surrounded by nature.
Imagine a bike area that can be enjoyed in any season, surrounded by mountains and wilderness in which you can admire chestnut groves, waterfalls, river fords, towns and religious sanctuaries.

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map Stages

  • 1

    Loiano - Muraglione delle Colore (Loiano)

    • Lenght : 7,44 km
  • 2

    Muraglione delle Colore (Loiano) - Ex oratorio san cristoforo

    • Lenght : 9,85 km
  • 3

    Ex oratorio san cristoforo - Loiano

    • Lenght : 4,31

bar_chart Technical Info

  • Km: 21,6 km
  • Stages: 3
  • Municipalities: 1
  • Regions: 1

Uphill climbs: 640

Descents: 640 m

Single track: 4,64 km
Trail: 6,93 km
Secondary road: 1,44 km
Road: 7,63 km
Trunk road: 996 m
Unpaved: 11,6 km
Stone paving: 3,18 km
Asphalt: 6,75 km
Unknown: 122 m


The route was tested by visually-impaired cyclist Davide Valacchi and by the Olympic/world mountain bike champion Marco Aurelio Fontana.

Discover their adventure!

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