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All-Star is the new off-road trail of the mountain bike circuit of the Bologna Apennines, accessible by mountain bike, handbike and tandem and designed to be explored by beginners and people with disabilities.

The project, developed by BOM.BA – Bologna Montana Bike Area – follows a circular path of about 20km that starts by the Lake of Castel dell’Alpi, starting point of this trail, and follows through both wide forests and plains surrounding the area.
Nestled in a mountainous terrain dotted with natural water courses, the All-Star Trail presents no particular difficulties but small river fords are noted. It is recommended mainly for spring and summer.

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map Stages

  • 1

    Lago di Castel Dell'Alpi - Piamaggio

    • Lenght : 10,8 km
  • 2

    Piamaggio – Valgattara

    • Lenght : 6,4 km
  • 3

    Valgattara – Lago di Castel dell’Alpi

    • Lenght : 3 km

bar_chart Technical Info

  • Km: 20.2 km
  • Stages: 3
  • Municipalities: 2
  • Regions: 1

Height difference: 560 m

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Singletrack: 3.86 km
Trail: 4.22 km
Secondary Road: 3.24 km
Road: 8.95 km

Alpine: 893 m
Natural: 285 m
Unpaved: 7.99 km
Dirt: 416 m
Paved: 2.53 km
Asphalt: 8.14 km
Unpaved: < 100 m

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