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“Bologna Montana Bike Area” is the Bologna Apennines mountain bike park where you can test your skills with jumps, fast descents, banked turns and technical sections.
Along the several kilometres of trails, you can admire the natural beauty of the area, from natural caves to beautiful waterfalls, and enjoy breathtaking views.
Thanks to the terrain, it is possible to ride all year round in the Loiano trail area (autumn-winter-spring) and in the Alpe di Monghidoro trail area (spring-summer-autumn).

There are several cross-country trails in the area:

  1. All-in -> a simple-route 23 km trail that is practicable all year round and is suitable for mountain bike, handbike and tandem. It is the first trail to be made available in the “Bologna Montana Bike Area”, created in collaboration with the Silvia Parente Foundation for Sport.
  2. The Loiano Trail -> is a 24 km trail that starts from the centre of Loiano and allows you to discover a number of points of historical and natural interest, from the Cascate del Colore waterfalls to the Oratorio di San Cristoforo (oratory of Saint Christopher). A trail with no particular difficulty, but which requires fairly good riding skills.
  3. The Zan trail -> is a 23 km trail with an easy itinerary that lets you discover the paths of the Sambro valley, passing through several villages, such as Qualto and Madonna dei Fornelli, and beautiful natural spots.
  4. The Benji trail -> extends for 21 km in the Alpe di Monghidoro area. A trail with no particular difficulty, but which requires fairly good riding skills.
  5. The Venere trail > is a 28 km trail in the Monte Venere and Monte Galletto area and passes through typical mountain villages. You may start from Monzuno or Madonna di Fornelli. The ride has no particular difficulties.
  6. All Star trail –> a 20km trail designed for mountain bike beginners as well as handbikes and tandems. The trail skirts the Lake of Castel dell’Alpi and passes through groves and wide meadows. The trail does not present any particular difficulties, but there are a couple of small fords.
  7. All Over –> a loop trail of about 20 km through the countryside starting from the ancient village of Qualto. The third off-road trail accessible to hand bikes, tandems and mountain bikes. An easy route through the valley of San Benedetto Val di Sambro.

More updated info on the trail HERE.

bar_chart Technical Info

All-in –>  23 km

Loiano Trail –> 24 km

Zan trail –> 23 km

Benji trail –> 21 km

Venere trail –> 28 km


Technical clothing for cycling


First aid kit

GPS system for orientation

Telephone and battery charger + power bank

Trails available all times of the year.
Fall-winter-spring: trail area of Loiano
Spring-summer-autumn: trail area of Alpe di Monghidoro

All-in –> It is the first accessible trail in the Bologna Montana Bike Area created in collaboration with the Silvia Parente Sports Foundation. Accessible by mountain bike, handbike and tandem

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