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“Ciclovia del Santerno” (Santerno cycle path) is a route that connects Mordano and Castel del Rio and id suitable for all tourist cyclists. A 44-kilometre cycle path of scenic beauty through the Santerno river valleys.

The ride begins among the rows of vines in Mordano and reaches the centuries-old chestnut groves of Castel del Rio, crossing the park created in a chalk vein area called “Parco della Vena del Gesso Romagnola”.
It has a mixed surface of asphalt and dirt road, so the use of a mountain bike or gravel bike is recommended.
On the Santerno river, there are some fords equipped with pillars that allow you to cross the river, but you will have to get off and walk your bike.

On the way, you can visit the church of “San Prospero Vescovo”, the historical centre of Imola, the Parco della Vena del Gesso Romagnola, Ponte Alidosi and Palazzo Alidosi.

Find out more about stops:

More updated info on the trail HERE.

map Stages

  • 1

    Mordano – Imola

    • Lenght : 20 km
    • Difference in level: Pend. max: 3,7% Pend. media: 0,8%
    • Time: 1 h
  • 2

    Imola - Casalfiumanese

    • Lenght : 10 km
    • Difference in level: Pend. max: 3,5% Pend. media: 0,9%
    • Time: 50 min
  • 3

    Casalfiumanese - Borgo Tossignano

    • Lenght : 5 km
    • Difference in level: Pend. max: 3,5% Pend. media: 0,8%
    • Time: 25 min
  • 4

    Borgo Tossignano - Fontanelice

    • Lenght : 5,5 km
    • Difference in level: Pend. max: 11,4% Pend. media: 2,2%
    • Time: 30 min
  • 5

    Fontanelice - Castel del Rio

    • Lenght : 10,4 km
    • Difference in level: Pend. max: 27,4% Pend. media: 6,4%
    • Time: 52 min

bar_chart Technical Info

  • Km: 43,6 km
  • Stages: 5
  • Regions: 1

Difference in level: +720/-524mt

Technical clothing for cycling


First aid kit

GPS system for orientation

Telephone and battery charger + power bank

The cycle route can be travelled all year round. The best times are most definitely the spring, with its blossoms and mild climate, and the early autumn period.
The summer season, particularly during July and August, is not recommended due to the high temperatures, just as winter is not recommended due to the risk of snow, rain and fog.

Mountain bike o Gravel bike

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