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Sant’Agata Bolognese is a town in the area known as Motor Valley.
It’s where the Lamborghini factory is, with the connected Automobili Lamborghini Museum, which focuses oh the automobile manufacturer’s history, iconic models, and tours of the production line. It’s a journey into the legend of the “Bull”, one that lets visitors discover early creations by Ferruccio Lamborghini (e.g., the Countach and Miura), but also more recent, exclusive super-sporty cars such as the Asterion hybrid concept car, the “few-off” (not quite a one-off) Centenario, the Huracàn Performante and the Aventador SVJ.

The museum reflects the importance that the company gives to new technologies and innovation. In fact, it offers an exciting interactive experience thanks to the new driving simulator, which amplifies the thrill of driving and the discovery of the vehicles on display.

In addition to a visit to the museum, it is also possible to take a guided tour of the Lamborghini production lines, which makes for an unforgettable experience in exploration of the most surprising corners of the company. The tour offers a fist-hand view of how Lamborghini super-sport vehicles are made. From the V12 line where the engine and frame of the Aventador come together for the first time, on to the V10 line where the Huracán is born (consut the website ).

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Factory and Museum.
To enter, reservations are required, which can be made on the website.

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