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The Reno cycle route, also known as ER19 regional cycle route, is of the many shared-use paths on the Bolognese lowlands. This 40-kilometre long path that runs along the Reno riverbank connects seven municipalities: Castel Maggiore, Calderara di Reno, Sala Bolognese, Argelato, Castello d’Argile, Pieve di Cento, Galliera. In addition to this portion of the route, the project also includes the realisation of a 68-kilometre long path that will connect the city of Bologna to the Adriatic Sea.
At present, the route is 42 kilometres long and takes place mainly on dirt tracks.
Starting from Trebbo di Reno, hamlet of Castel Maggiore, this path takes you all the way to San Vincenzo di Galliera, hamlet of the nearby city of Galliera, and along the road it skirts some municipalities steeped in history. Here are some points of interest along the road you should not miss: Palazzo Zambeccari and the Parish Church of Santa Maria Annunziata and San Biagio in Sala Bolognese, Villa Beatrice in Argelato, Palazzo Bonora in Galliera. Along the ride, you can also visit Pieve di Cento, a town awarded the Orange Flag award by the Touring Club Italiano (the major Italian national tourist organization) and that was once called “the little Bologna” for its long porticoes. Here you can visit the MAGI ‘900 Museum, the Civic Art Gallery and the Collegiata Church, that has some artworks by Guercino and Guido Reni on display.
The route ventures through cultivated fields, riverbanks, floodplains, country villas and panoramic views over natural landscapes. Within short distance of Galliera, the path overlooks the riverbank in “La Bisana”, a floodplain area created by debris transported by the River Reno and that has been recognised as an Ecological Rebalancing Area. As a matter of fact, in this area you might bump into abundant and diverse wildlife: animal species such as woodpecker, fox, great tit, and plant species such as poplar, maple, elm and privet.

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  • Km: 42 kilometres
  • Municipalities: 7

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