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The unforgettable, heart-racing thrill of skydiving can be experienced in the heart of Molinella, not far from Bologna. In fact, a few nearby areas are set up for those who want to free-fall into the wind.

As these qualified operators, generally found within small airports, you can sign up for a tandem jump with a skilled, qualified instructor (i.e., using a parachute for two people), or you can take classes where you will progress through seven levels to become a solo skydiver. Skydivers of all skill levels can join: all you need is the courage to take the leap.

Below is a list of skydiving outfits in Molinella:

Skydive FlyGang: For 15 days, this team of professionals has carved a groove in the sky over Molinella. At this point, you can gain experience via tandem jumps and a wind tunnel, which lets you experience the thrill of flight within a true free-fall simulator. Plus, you can sign up for the AFF class with expert teachers and become a solo skydiver. A skydiving school that aims to spread this exciting, sporty activity through classes taught by qualified, expert instructors. It offers tandem jumps, a wind tunnel, folding classes (to save time and ensure the material lasts over time), and courses on the parchute itself.

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Courses to become an autonomous skydiver

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