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The ‘Quadrone’ is a natural treasure in the area of Medicina. A Wildlife Oasis since 1985, it covers approximately 270 hectares. It’s found within the Cassa del Quadrone and is characterised by the presence of a swamp, a valley, wetlands, and a forest where different species of plants and animals live.

The Oasis can only be visited in spring and autumn. Within the Oasis is an agricultural-tourism route that can be explored by bicycle or on foot. It covers the marshy areas that extend from the visitor centre and other natural habitats to offer an overview of the flora and fauna in the park.

Wood birdwatching huts dot the landscape. Thanks to the informational plaques found throughout the Oasis, visitors can learn about the history of the land and discover interesting facts about the different animals and plants that are protected in this special place.

The environmental conditions and unique qualities of the Oasis make it a great place to teach people about the natural environment. Since 2003, the LA.C.ME Cooperative, now an educational farm, offers guided tours and workshops held at the visitor centre.

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270 hectares

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