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The Via dei Brentatori is a 50-km-long route through the hills of Bologna allowing visitors to enjoy the historical, artistic and natural beauty of the area in a slow and sustainable way. Starting from Piazza Maggiore in the heart of Bologna, it ends at the Rocca dei Bentivoglio in the hamlet of Bazzano, in Valsamoggia.

The route retraces the ancient 13th-century Via dei Brentatori, created to allow the Brentatori to transport wine safely.
So who were the Brentatori? It was a trade guild tasked with transporting wine in a special container they carried on their shoulders, the brenta.

Today, the walk begins in Piazza Maggiore, just a few steps from where the Compagnia dell’Arte dei Brentatori once stood. It then continues towards Casalecchio di Reno, Zola Predosa and Monte San Pietro, before reaching Valsamoggia.

This is an evocative route, rich in historical-religious evidence and an interesting rural and natural landscape, characterized by rolling hills, gullies and vineyards.
Must-sees: the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of San Luca with its portico, the Sluice of Casalecchio, historical residences such as Palazzo Albergati, Palazzo Bentivoglio Pepoli and Villa Edvige Garagnani, the Regional Park of the Abbey of Monteveglio and the Rocca dei Bentivoglio.

Find out more about the stopovers HERE (Italian only)

map Stages

  • 1

    Bologna - Casalecchio - Zola Predosa

  • 2

    Zola Predosa - Oliveto - Monteveglio - Montemorello - Montebudello - Bazzano

bar_chart Technical Info

  • Km: approx. 50 km
  • Stages: 2
  • Municipalities: 5
  • Regions: 1

Positive altitude difference: 1521 m

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Ankle boots and thermal anti-bladder socks are recommended.

40/50 litre rucksack which should never exceed 7-8kg (water included). We recommend at least 3 litres per day in summer. Some stretches of the route are not equipped with drinking water fountains or supermarkets for purchase.

Hiking map

First aid kit

GPS system for orientation

Phone and charger + power bank

Accessible all year round. Caution is required in summer due to high temperatures and in winter due to low temperatures and snow.

Download your gpx track or buy your paper map at the eXtraBO point.

The credential for collecting stamps from stage to stage is available for purchase at the eXtraBO info-point in Piazza del Nettuno (BO) or on the official website.

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