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Discover the paths of the Resistance in the Bologna area

The Second World War left deep traces on the territory of Bologna. Every weekend in April, set out to discover the historical places that were at the heart of the conflict between the partisan Resistance and the Nazi-Fascists.

Four treks, accompanied by expert guides, to experience an exciting adventure that will take you along the paths of the Gothic Line, Monte Calderaro, Monte Sole and a visit to the Partisan’s Casone.

Discover all the dates:

  • Sunday 7 April: Chronicles from the Gothic Line: South African trails and visit to the Museum dedicated to the Sixth South African Armoured Division in Castiglione dei Pepoli
  • Saturday 13 April: Monte Calderaro, the Saliente and the Gothic Line, Castel San Pietro Terme
  • Saturday 20 April: Partisan Paths at Monte Sole, Marzabotto
  • Sunday 28 April: On the way to the Partisan’s Casone, Bentivoglio
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