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Nestled in the heart of the Bolognese plain, San Giorgio di Piano is located between the Reno River and the Navile Canal. The name simply indicates the patron saint of the town and its flat position.

The historical centre, perfectly preserved in its orthogonal structure, is characterised by a Torresotto (turreted gate) that dates back to 1321 and today houses the municipal library. Of the castle built in the centre of the main square, so that from the high towers you could observe the Rocca di Bentivoglio, today only Porta Ferrara remains, with its characteristic slits for the drawbridge. Continuing through the streets of the village, you will find the ancient Chiesa di San Giorgio (San Giorgio’s Church). The building has a barrel-vaulted hall with three naves and five chapels on each side and houses various works including a valuable painting by Antonio Randa depicting the Virgin, the Child and St. George. Opposite the church is the town hall, built between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century.

In the inner courtyard of the Municipality the now famous monumento al maiale (monument to the pig) was installed, true king of local cuisine recalling the existence of the public pigsties in that place. Continuing near the demolished Porta Bologna, is the Oratorio di San Giuseppe e della Natività della madonna (Oratory of San Giuseppe and the Nativity of the Madonna), which houses a Holy Family of the Guercino school.

Lastly, for film lovers, it is worth mentioning the possibility of seeing the outside of the birthplace of Giulietta Masina, Federico Fellini’s partner in art and life.

Every year San Giorgio di Piano hosts the summer carnival Il Corso dei fiori (The Flower Race). During the event, colourful floats full of lights and flowers parade through the streets of the town. The symbol of the parade is theCiculen” mask, inspired by characters who really existed in San Giorgio di Piano, true storytellers, who animated the taverns by singing songs or telling old and new stories, in exchange for a piece of bread and a glass of wine.

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