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In the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, just a few kilometers from Bologna, the Rocca di Badolo reaches upwards towards the sky. This sandstone cliff equipped with metal hiking aids (a via ferrata in italian) is found in the municipality of Sasso Marconi, between the Rio Molinello Valleys and the River Setta, where rock climbing is possible.

Local enthusiasts have nicknamed it  falesia di casa (the home cliff), given how easy it is to reach.

Created in 1976, the via ferrata was updated and completed by the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) in 2015. Today, thanks to the addition of one last section, it’s possible to adventure out and climb all the way to the peak of the mountain.

The slippery nature of the sandstone rocks covered by a thin layer of sand makes this route unsuitable for beginners. Divided into three sections, the 2.5 km itineray includes climbs and descents, ladders made of metal rods, and sheer cliff faces that lead to the plateau 30′ from the start.

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2.5 km route

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