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Borgo Tossignano is a town located in the centre of the Santerno Valley and is divided between the new part called Borgo, located at the bottom of the Santerno valley, and Tossignano, raised on a gypsum rocky ridge, a natural base for discovering the Parco Regionale della Vena del Gesso Romagnola (Regional Park of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola).

The village experienced many of the dramatic events of the Second World War, of which the Rocca (Fortress) is witness and from which today you can admire a surprising panorama on the Riva di San Biagio. Although damaged in the last war, the village has preserved some of its monuments. The Palazzo Baronale (Baronial Palace), former residence of the Count of Altemps, is now used as a visitor centre for the Regional Park and is home to the Museo della Cultura Materiale (Material Culture Museum).

Going up from Tossignano you can walk along the chalky banks of the Riva di San Biagio, exploring unusual ecosystems of the Vena del Gesso. The area has unusual karstic morphologies, including sinkholes, overhanging cliffs and caves. The Castagneto di Campiuno (Campiuno chestnut grove), renowned for the production of high-quality chestnuts, certified by the PGI symbol, and spectacular animals such as the Eurasian eagle owl, is particularly important. The Vena del Gesso (Chalk Vein) is not the only green area that distinguishes this area. The Parco Lungofiume del Santerno (Santerno River Park) offers a pleasant pedestrian and cycle path under the chalk walls overhanging the river.  Equipped with parking areas, a refreshment point and green areas, the park extends to the Rineggio basins, in Campola, where a natural oasis has been built.

The area is crossed by the Ciclovia del Santerno (Santerno Cycle Path): a route suitable for all those who want to immerse themselves in nature.

Don’t miss Sagra dei Maccheroni (the Macaroni Festival) held on Shrove Tuesday together with the Festa della Polenta (Polenta Party) in Tossignano, which evoke the local traditions with two complementary events.

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