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Located in the Santerno Valley, Fontanelice is a town rich in history that has its roots in prehistory.

Medieval urban development is still evident. The town centres around Piazza Roma overlooking the former public building, now home to the Museo Archivio Giuseppe Mengoni (Giuseppe Mengoni Museum Archive), architect of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. The museum contains some of the original documents relating to the design of the famous Milanese arcade.

In the riverfront area of Fontanelice, equipped with a small refreshment point and barbecue areas, you can admire the imposing rock formation of the Riva dei Cavalli, one of the most interesting geosites along the course of the Santerno.

The Fontanelice area is crossed by the Ciclovia del Santerno (Santerno Cycle Path): an ideal bike route for any type of cyclist who wants to immerse themselves in nature.

On Easter Monday, the town of Fontanelice organizes the Sagra della Pié Fritta (Fried Pié Festival). A traditional event during which you can try the tasty pie, a type of fried dumpling, accompanied by cold cuts, cheeses and wine. In the afternoon, instead, the traditional donkey race takes place, one for each ward.

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