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Floodplains are formed when, at the start of level ground, a river deposits large quantities of sand and gravel in the areas between the riverbed and the banks. Rich vegetation usually covers floodplains formed by waterways.

The San Vitale Floodplain is an area made up by the floodplain of the River Reno; it includes a 30-hectare forest composed mainly of willows and poplars. It’s found between the Lippo area of Calderara di Reno and the hamlet of Trebbo di Reno (Castel Maggiore). This landscape is rich in flora and fauna. Local animal species include the smooth newts agile frogs, European pond turtles, western marsh harriers, long-eared owls, common buzzards, common kingfishers, and tawny owls.

The entire San Vitale Floodplain can be visited free of charge. The recommended visitation route is dotted by shielded observation points and informational panels.

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An area consisting of the floodplain of the Reno River and a forest of more than 30 hectares

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