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Lustrola is a small medieval town in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, in the municipality of Alto Reno Terme, of which written documentation exists dating back to 1021.
It’s perched on a hillside below Sasso della Corona peak, overlooking the Reno Valley. Surrounded by woods, the town still has many old stone houses separated by small cobblestone roads and stone steps or even connected one to another, clustered around the town church. In this village, the peace and quiet is interrupted only by the ringing of bells and the sounds of the animals of the Apennines.

One main road runs through the village, but strolling along the alleyways it is possible to identify the eight contrade (districts): Frabga, I Campi, Mancricchi, Altracà, Rota, Fondamento, Pedracchi, and Sipoggi, each of which is marked by a flag in summer.

The Pedracchi quarter is home to the Chiesa di San Lorenzo (Church of Saint Lawrence), characterised by a short, single-aisle nave. Outside, a large churchyard with stone paving and a tree-dotted field connect the church to the clergy house on the opposite side of the square.

Continuing on to the other end of the town, visitors will reach La Canale. This area is home to the village’s old wash house, once served by a source of fresh, pure water which today has run dry.

Many hiking paths start in Lustrola, along which it is common to see wildlife such as fallow deer, roe deer, red deer, wild boar, foxes, birds, reptiles and so much more.

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750 m a.s.l.

By car:
From Bologna, take Porrettana State Road until Porretta Terme, then head in the direction of Pistoia. Take the junction for Granaglione. After a few km you’ll reach Lustrola.

Train + Bus: From Bologna Central Station, take the train for Porretta Terme. From there, go to the bus stop just a few steps from the rail station, and take bus 768. Alight at: Lustrola.

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