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La Bora is an environmental rebalancing area which encircles two large lakes created by a quarry that was abandoned in the 1980s after the local clay extraction furnace closed.
Today this 40-hectare area is characterised by a large body of water, a small forest, meadows and the ‘plains forest’, a zone with over 8,000 trees.

The habitat that has regrown naturally, along with that planted specifically for this site, has quickly attracted numerous species that now enrich the entire area near the town of San Giovanni in Persiceto.
Today, many species populate this approximately seven-hectare wetland. Visitors to La Bora will have the chance to see over 70 species of birds, a thriving population of European pond turtles, different types of amphibians, and aquatic and paludal plants.

Near the entrance to the protected area there’s a visitor centre and a local Amphibian and Reptile Centre where research and conservation efforts are carried out in relation to a few types of amphibians (tree frogs, European green toads, common toads, agile frogs, and northern crested and smooth newts) and reptiles (native European pond turtles).

A self-guided path winds through La Bora: it first touches upon the two sides of the basin then proceeds into the woods. The Area is open every day during sunlight hours. No reservations are required for up to 5 people. A reservation is required for groups of 6 or more people. Along the path, visitors will come across multiple observation points, a hut and a few informational panels that explain the habitat and the species within it for birdwatching enthusiasts.

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40 hectares characterized by a large water collection, a small forest, a prairie area and the “lowland forest,” an area with over eight thousand trees

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