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The Parco Regionale dell’Abbazia di Monteveglio (Regional Park of the Abbey of Monteveglio) is 26 km from the heart of Bologna, nestled in the Samoggia Valley. It extends for almost 1,000 hectares on the hilly landscape near Monteveglio, a town halfway between Bologna and Modena. Bordered on the east and west by the Ghiaia di Serravalle stream and the River Marzatore, the area is dotted by agricultural landscapes that maintain the traditional structure of the hills of Bologna, and expansive badlands and steep wooded slopes that encircle small sheltered valleys. The name, originally ‘mons belli’ (meaning ‘war mountain’), comes from the early Middle Ages: this area was indeed a theatre for wars, sieges and bloody battles. The most significant testimony to that past is the Castello di Monteveglio (Monteveglio Castle), which reached the height of splendour under the rule of Matilda of Tuscany, until the late 15th century, when it fell into ruin after being sacked and damaged by fire.

The park is particularly well known thanks to the Medieval town that sits on one of the main geographical features of the park. From there, it’s possible to admire the ruins of the castle and the majestic Abbazia di Santa Maria di Monteveglio(Abbey of Our Lady of Monteveglio) with its thousand-year-old parish church.

Countless hiking trails and marked itineraries make it possible to rediscover the protected area as you pass by ancient farming villages and fortresses, religious centres and endless vineyards with breath-taking scenery.

Moreover, the park is home to the headquarters of the Consorzio Vini Colli Bolognesi (Wine Consortium of the Bologna Hills), which works to protect the land and wineries which make DOC Colli Bolognesi wine. Local grapes include Pignoletto, a native variety which is used to make a delicate, fruity white wine that’s considered the true ‘King of the Bologna Hills’.

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The park is home to the headquarters of the Consorzio Vini Colli Bolognesi

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