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Enjoy slow and sustainable cycling along the Sun Route across the Po Valley.
The route is part of Eurovelo7, a major European project aiming to connect Europe’s northernmost point, North Cape, with its southernmost point, Malta.

This self-guided tour will take you to the most evocative and distinctive areas of Unesco World Heritage cities (Verona, Mantua and Bologna) and into little-known territories across the Po Valley countryside with its historic villas and timeless villages.

We start out from Verona, heading west to Peschiera del Garda. From there, we continue along the fascinating Mincio River cycle path towards Mantua. Following the course of the rivers Mincio, Po and Secchia, and arriving at Mirandola, we then intersect the new cycle path built on the old Bologna-Verona railway line. We eventually reach Osteria Nuova and Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, our final stage, after crossing a bunch of narrow alleys.

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