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The Vasche dell’Ex-Zuccherificio di Crevalcore (Ponds of the Crevalcore Ex-Sugar Refinery) environmental rebalancing area covers 22 hectares. It is defined by the settling pools of the old Crevalcore sugar factory, which closed in 1985. The depth of the water in the pools varies from just a few centimeters to almost two meters, surrounded by a paludal habitat which has created ideal conditions for many species of birds. In addition to the bodies of water, there are protruding surfaces with muddy sandbars, wetlands and rushes. Shrub vegetation consisting mainly of willows and black elder has taken root on the perimeter embankments of the ponds.

The birds are one of the main attractions in the area, and different species can be seen every month of the year. Some of them are rare, stopping here to rest and eat. Other species stay for longer periods of time, and some nest here, including a pair of storks. But this area is also an important site for different species of amphibians and reptiles, such as European green toads, tree frogs, and European pond turtles.

A route marked by signs and arrows winds through the reserve so that you can learn about it at your own pace, with the use of an audio guide. The reserve also has three huts for concealed observation and information panels placed on the borders of the ponds. From one of the two observation points, you can see one of the two reforested areas. To make sure the wildlife of the area is left undisturbed, it’s important to closely follow the rules listed on the special signs and never leave the indicated trail.

Environmental education sessions are held in the park for schools and groups of visitors thanks to Sustenia Srl (

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An ecological rebalancing area of about 22 hectares

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