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Located in the plain to the east of Bologna, the town of Mordano is a place rich in history and the rural architecture of Romagna that rises between rows of vines and peaches.
The historical centre still preserves the centuriation that the Romans carried out to reclaim the lands.

Two twin towers built at the end of the nineteenth century by the engineer Brusi inspired by the towers of the Venice Arsenal are the symbol of the village. They are characterized by medieval references and many battlements.
In the vicinity of the towers, some sections of the Renaissance walls are still visible today. You can also see the remains of a circular tower, built to protect the castle by Caterina Sforza, based on the indications and drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.

An important testimony of the history of the territory is provided by the Monastero di San Francesco (San Francesco’s Monastery), a complex composed of church, convent and hospital, next to which the cloister where the Emperor Frederick II, called the Barbarossa, stayed, is still visible.

The fifteenth-century Torrione sforzesco, recently restored and home to the Museum dedicated to the history and culture of the territory is located in the hamlet of Bubano. It testifies to the succession of powerful families who ruled over the area.

Lastly, the Mordano area is crossed by the Ciclovia del Santerno, a bike path suitable for all those who wish to immerse themselves in nature. The route connects the entire plain of the Imola district from the slopes of the Apennines, from Mordano to Castel del Rio.

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