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Located in the Santerno Valley, Casalfiumanese is a small town that rises on a hill surrounded by fields cultivated with apricot and fruit trees, vineyards and impressive ancient ravines.

In the village there is a spectacular green area, the park of the nineteenth-century Villa Manusardi. Almost unchanged since then, it is a flat area with tall trees and natural Mediterranean vegetation. Here you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere of peace.  On the right bank of the Casale river stands another nineteenth-century villa, Villa Masolini, with a garden open to visitors embellished by the “Fontanone”, a nineteenth-century swimming pool with stone changing room.

For those who enjoy walking in the open air, the Sentiero Luca Ghini (Luca Ghini Path) traces the main steps of one of the founding fathers of modern botany, the first scholar to plant a botanical garden in Europe.
Casalfiumanese is also crossed by the Ciclovia del Santerno (Santerno Cycle Path), suitable for all types of cyclists who want to immerse themselves in nature.

At the end of March, the town celebrates the sagra del Raviolo (Raviolo festival), a biscuit filled with Bolognese pickled fruit. Strictly handmade, it is baked in the oven and then garnished with alchermes and sugar. On this day, tons of ravioli, packed one by one in single bags are thrown onto the crowds from the turrets of the village towers.

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