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The green Asparagus from Altedo is a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status vegetable.

Its origins date back to 1923 when some farmers from Altedo visited Nantes in France. After retuning, they started to cultivate the vegetable using the techniques they had learnt abroad. A few years later, the vegetable started to be farmed intensively. Asparagus farming however, became popular only after World War II, and several cooperatives were established.
In 2003, it was awarded PGI status and, in the same year, the Asparagus Growers Consortium was founded with the aim of protecting and promoting the vegetable.

This particular asparagus has well-formed spears and a tight tip and is sometimes slightly curved. It is tender and has a delicate flavour. It can be cooked and eaten in various ways, boiled, au gratin or as an ingredient for risottos, soups and omelettes. Every year, in May, the Consortium organises a Green Asparagus Festival in Altedo. An event where you can taste all the mouth-watering traditional dishes prepared with this delicious vegetable.

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The formalization came following the publication in the OJEC of Reg.1263/96 recognizing the protected geographical indication for the Green Asparagus of Altedo.

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