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Ozzano dell ‘Emilia is a small town located a few kilometres from Bologna, along the historic Via Emilia and is surrounded by the gentle hills of the Parco Regionale dei Gessi e Calanchi dell’Abbadessa (Gessi e Calanchi dell’Abbadessa Regional Park).

The town history dates back to very ancient times: the Roman settlement of Claterna stood here. Many remarkable finds from the ancient settlement have come to light and are preserved in the Museo di Claterna (Claterna Museum) in the Palace of Culture.

The area of Ozzano is rich in attractions immersed in a landscape of splendid white ravines. Set amid the shimmering rocks are legends about the mythical Abbess, the beautiful Legend of the Settefonti which the Festival of the Abbess is dedicated to and some of the oldest features such as the Abbey of Monte Armato, dating back to the year one thousand.

The panorama around Ozzano offers opportunities for many excursions to discover the history of the area. By mountain bike you can take the ciclovia dei gessi di Gaibola (Gaibola chalk cycle path) and the long dirt roads that cross the ravines, while on foot you can discover the Roman road Flaminia Minor or walk along the Linea Gotica (Gothic Line) paths.

The hills of Ozzano are also lands offering delicacies to taste, where you can find many local businesses producing dairy products, wine and the brewery Claterna, which pays homage to the territory inspired by the ancient place name.

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